Brandon DesJarlais is a 27-year-old professional longboard skater based in Venice Beach, California. 

Brandon made a name for himself as a competitive downhill racer and even stunt doubled for Vin Diesel in the film xXx 3: Return of Xander Cage. Aired during the “2020” Olympics, Brandon was featured for his longboard dancing skills in a TV commercial promoting Facebook Groups.

So far he’s skated in 26 countries worldwide. The past few years Brandon has been teaching others through private coaching, online tutorials, free workshops in Los Angeles, and as an instructor at several longboard camps. In an effort to make learning more simple, intuitive, and collaborative he co-founded a new longboarding app called Amp Skate which is currently in beta.

Furthermore, his newfound passion for building community led him to create Beyond the Board. Since building the Shred Sled in July 2021, Beyond the Board has hosted 2 nationwide tours across 50+ cities totaling 75+ events, and 1000s of participants over 15,000+ miles.

For those who are wondering, Brandon is wearing the longboard dancing « ADAM » pendant & the silver bracelet LONGBOARD.



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