General terms of sale govern the business connections enter PT Jaya indah Dekorasi company situated in Jalan Pantai Berawa 150, unit 3, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kab. Badung, Bali, Indonesia and the people wishing to make a purchase via the web site: www.session, below called ‘ the Customer ‘. The parts agree that their relations will be  exclusively settled by general terms of sale, with the exception of any condition beforehand  available on the site. Every Customer recognizes to have the full legal capacity to being  able to make a commitment in conformance with the present general terms of sale.

Article 1. Acceptance and application of general terms of sale 

The Customer recognizes to have acquainted, at the time of the signing of order, general  terms of sale and expressly declares to accept them without reserve. The fact of placing  order on and of clicking the compartment relative to the  acceptance of the present conditions implies(involves) the automatic, irrevocable, whole  membership(support) and without reserve of the Customer in the present general terms of  sale. Any opposite condition put by the Customer will thus be, for lack of express, non 

invocable acceptance to the seller whatever is the moment when she will have been able  to be brought to his/her knowledge.  They are applicable in Indonesia, and in all the  countries accepted as place of delivery.


Article 2. Products 

2.1 Description and pictures 

Articles are in accordance with the description and with the presentation (display)  registered on the descriptive index cards (forms) of the website  but those this are not contractual. Photos and texts are presented for information purposes 

on the web site and would know how to engage on no account  the responsibility of SESSION., or affect (allocate) the validity of the sale. The Customer has  the possibility of contacting us to obtain further information in session@session In case a supplier modifies an article, the graphical representation of this one  could not engage the responsibility of SESSION. nor even to affect (allocate) the validity of  the sale. SESSION. makes a commitment to make the modifications in The most brief  deadlines (extensions). All the products are new. 

2.2 Availability 

Most of the products sold on the web site are stored in the  premises of PT Jaya Indah Dekorasi. They are recognizable by the mention “in stock”. makes a commitment to fulfill the received orders while stocks  last. 

The delivery deadline at home worldwide is from 5 to 10 working days via the service EMS or equivalent. Any attributable non compliance with deadlines (extensions) in the fault of  the supplier (stock shortage, settled(fixed) product) or carriers can engage on no account  the responsibility of For lack of availability of the product, on no  account the responsibility of could not be committed (hired),  nor open straight ahead to damages for the Customer. makes  however a commitment to inform the Customer about it as quickly as possible and to  propose him(her) an equivalent substitute product, credit note or refund (repayment). If  the Customer opts for a refund (repayment), will do his/her  utmost to pay off the Customer within 10 days from the date to whom (which) will have informed the customer of the unavailability of the  product and will have been informed by a way (means) traçable, the will of the customer to  be paid off. In case of overtaking of this deadline (extension) for reasons independent from his(her,its) will, cannot be pursued by the Customer.

Article 3 

3.1 Price 

Prices are expressed in US dollars, including all local taxes, and take into account the VAT  applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the applicable rate will be reflected in  product prices. For countries outside Indonesia, sales are are not including VAT. Payments  are made by credit card or Paypal if the customer has an account. The Customer is debited  in the currency of his country according to the exchange rate applied by his banking  services. 

3.2 Invoice 

The invoice for the Customer’s order is available in My Account space when payment is  made. The Customer can edit and then print it.

Article 4. Ordering 

4.1 Place an Order

The Customer may place an order at via the Internet 24/24 and  7/7. does not have a paper catalog, the products sold by  SESSION. are present on 

The order process consists of four (4) successive steps. Once the Client has made his choice  and his shopping cart validated, the Customer must: 

  1. A) – identify yourself 
  2. B) – choose the method of delivery 
  3. C) – accept the general conditions of sale by ticking the box provided for this  purpose in the order process 

(D) – choose its method of payment. Once the payment method has been selected, the  Customer must pay for the order. The payment of your order (online payment by card or  Paypal) will formally and definitively formalize the contract of sale that binds the Customer  to 

4.2 Registering an Order 

The order can be registered on the website only if the Customer  has clearly identified himself by his e-mail and a password that is strictly personal to him.  Any order implies acceptance of prices and description of products available for sale.  Session Jewelry undertakes to honor the orders received on the website www.session only within the limit of the available stocks of the products. In case of stock  shortages, the website communicates the lead times required to  obtain the desired product. 

4.3 Information provided when ordering 

The website can not be held responsible for information  provided by the Customer at the time of its order, nor for the impossibility of delivery in  case of error of labels. The Client is responsible for the consequences of the labeling errors,  in particular concerning the billing coordinates, the delivery addresses, the telephone  number, the e-mail and the contact details necessary for payment of the order. 

4.4 Confirmation of the order 

The Customer will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail regarding his order. Orders are  deemed to be final when they have been confirmed by the buyer’s full payment of the  price. The website reserves the right to cancel any order from a  Customer with whom there is a dispute of settlement in relation to a previous order.

Article 5: Payment 

5.1 Payment Capacity 

The Customer will make his / her personal business of his capacity (legal capacity of the  Customer, authorization necessary for the use of the means of payment, sufficient funds to  cover the whole order placed on to honor his Payment by any  means of payment made available by

5.2 Payment methods 

  1. A) Secure payment by credit card (Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express…)  The Client agrees to provide the necessary information required for payment by  credit card, namely, Provide the credit card number, expiry date and credit card  encryption. No banking information is available through the website www.session Transactions made on are secure. All  information exchanged to process payments is encrypted using SSL. This data can  not be detected, intercepted or used by third parties. They are also not stored on  our computer systems. Upon validation of the acceptance of the payment, a  registration number of the transaction confirming the validation of the order is  communicated to the Customer by email. 

  1. B) payment by Paypal account: the customer already has a Paypal account or  creates a Paypal account on the site

5.3 Anti-fraud prevention and payment validation 

The validation of the payment by allows the shipment of parcels.  In order to limit the risk of fraud and to protect the interests of the Client, www.session may be required to carry out checks relating to the validity of the payments  made. In the case of a control, the Customer is notified by telephone or by e-mail and may  be asked to provide with supporting documents to be sent (by  mail, fax or email) To –Session Jewelry in order to allow a final validation of its Order. At the  end of this eventual inspection, reserves the right to accept or  reject the order. In case of non-receipt of the supporting documents within 48 hours reserves the right to refuse the validation of the payment and  therefore to reject the order. In case of receipt of documents deemed non-compliant by, reserves the right to reject the order. 

5.4 Default of payment 

Any failure to pay or litigation in progress may result in  suspension of order, cancellation of order or refusal of delivery.

Article 6: Delivery 

6.1 Locations 

Deliveries are made from Indonesia to the rest of the world. Delivery is ensured by DHL or  equivalent: Indonesian deliveries - fast delivery by JNE or equivalent. 

6.2 Delivery charges 

Delivery in mainland Indonesia: The shipping costs are based on weight and offered from  $100 USD of order. Delivery abroad: The amount of delivery : The amount of delivery abroad varies according to the  country of delivery. The amount of the delivery costs is indicated in the order process. For  any country the delivery time is 5 to 10 working days. For orders abroad the delivery time  depends on the country of delivery. 

6.3 Delivery Tracking

The Customer will be notified by successive e-mails of the various processing states of his  order. He will be able to consult the evolution of his order in the My Account section of As soon as the order is dispatched, the Customer will have a  parcel tracking number that will allow him to track his parcel on the carrier’s website. 

6.4 Absence on delivery (delivery at home) 

In case of absence of the Customer at the time of delivery, a notice of passage of the carrier  is deposited in the mailbox inviting him to withdraw it at the post office closest to the  delivery address. The Customer’s parcel will remain pending 15 days in the post office. After  this period, it will be returned to the sender. In this case, the Customer will have to pay the  costs of returning the parcel if it requests a new shipment. 

6.5 Receiving the package at delivery 

Upon delivery, the Customer shall check the condition of the package and the contents of  the order in accordance with the invoice delivered with the package and open the package  in the presence of the carrier. If the package or product is damaged, the Customer has the  option to accept or reject the package. In both cases, the Customer must check the  condition of the package before the carrier and issue reservations on the delivery note in  the case of damaged parcels / product (s). The Customer will then have to notify by email  to within 48 hours. After this period and / or without  reservations on the delivery note, the Customer will no longer be able to contest the  delivery. 

6.6 Delay in delivery 

Session Jewelry can not be held responsible for exceeding the maximum delivery time  indicated on the website The delivery overpayment will not give  rise to any payment of damages. In case of delay, the Customer must contact the Customer  Service of Session Jewelry by email This complaint will  enable to carry out an inquiry with the carrier which can last a  maximum of 21 working days. During this period, if the product is found, www.session will redirect the product to the delivery address of the Customer indicated at  the time of the order. On the other hand, if the product ordered is not found after this  deadline, will proceed with a new shipment of the product  concerned, the shipping costs being charged to If the ordered  product is no longer available, the Customer will be able to benefit from a credit or a  refund.

6.7 Taxes / Duty fees

Sometimes, shipments to other countries carry additional fees and taxes, in this case, it will be in charge of the buyer. Please verify your country rules.

Article 7: Return of Product 

7.1 Return Authorization 

The customer has a period of 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of his package, to  reverse his decision and return at his own expense the products Ordered and thus get a  refund. 

Before any return of product, the Customer must imperatively contact the Customer  Service by email: to obtain a return authorization and to  know the procedure of return. will make every effort to enable 

the Customer to receive treatment as soon as possible. Be careful, the customer can only  return the items if the original labels are still there, that the merchandise has not suffered  any deterioration of origin and in its entirety. This excludes any washed, worn, modified,  damaged product. If the customer is not satisfied, he can then request the refund of the  product within thirty (30) days on the credit card used at the time of purchase, excluding  delivery costs and excluding return costs. 

Attention a exchange corresponding to the exchange of a size for the same item. On sale or on sale: 

– The items SALES can not be refunded, only a credit corresponding to the price of the item  sold off delivery and return costs will be offered to our customers or an exchange of size of  the same model. 

Items returned must be sent by the customer to the following address: 

Session Jewelry/Paperclip People, Jalan Berawa n°150, Unit 3, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kab Badung, Bali 80361,  INDONESIA. 

The costs and risks related to the redirection are the responsibility of the customer except  in case of error of delivery from Session Jewelry. Therefore, it is up to the customer to retain  all evidence of this return. 

Session Jewelry strongly recommends to its customers to return the products by registered  mail (DHL or equivalent) or by any other means allowing to bring certain date and proof of  the redirection. 

After this period of 7 (seven) days, the items delivered will be deemed to be compliant and  accepted by the customer, SESSION. reserves the right to refuse the exchange, the credit or  the refund. 

Any order not received within 60 working days must be notified to www.session SESSION. will conduct an inquiry with the carrier concerned. 

– An error in entering the delivery address by the Customer at the time of registration of his  order. In this case, if the Customer wishes to retain his order, he must indicate to the  Customer Service his corrected delivery address and pay the shipping costs of this new  shipment. 

– An error in preparing the order or distribution of the Post. If the Customer wishes to  maintain his order, it will be returned to him free of charge.

Article 8: Contact details of the company and the Customer Service 

Customer Service – Session Jewelry
Session Jewelry - PT Jaya Indah Dekorasi, Jalan Pantai Berawa 150, Unit 3, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia